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Safety At The Macclesfield Gravity Festival

Our Commitment

Safety Macclesfield Gravity Festival's highest priority. The safety of all people attending the event is our first consideration. To ensure the highest level of safety at Macclesfield Gravity Festival events, the organisers have developed a systematic approach to identify, assess, monitor and manage risks/hazards. This safety management system is based on Australian Standard AS/NS 4801:2001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Safety remains the single highest cost to the event.

Read our safety policy document.

What's New?

We have been working tirelessly to bring you a safe and fun event. This year the spectator section of the track will be lined with Triton road crash barriers.

Lets hear from YOU!

The Macclesfield Gravity Festival is keen to hear from you.

If you have any, thoughts, ideas, compliments, complaints or concerns we would like to hear them.

You can provide feedback via:

If you think of something during the event please speak to one of our marshals who will be more than happy to take the details.

Stay Safe.

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